Asset Inspections

Want fast, easy and cost effective asset inspection?

Progression Reports

Drones give you the option to regularly inspect an active work-site to create detailed progression reports for clients cheaply and safely.

In the past, this may have been infeasible as older technologies have traditionally been prohibitively expensive for smaller projects. Now you can quantitatively track project progression for a reasonable price.

High Risk Asset Inspections

Manual asset inspections of the past have tended to be time consuming, difficult and costly. Not to mention the special equipment required for difficult to reach structures like HV transmission lines and phone and microwave towers.

Drones are a quicker and safer alternative to manually checking assets, as they eliminate the requirement for a human to be in physical contact with the asset being inspected. Down time is also minimised using drones, as in the past some plant may have needed to be shut down in order to ensure the safety of the inspector.

Insurance Claims

In the aftermath of extreme weather events like the 2010 Victorian Storms, or the Black Saturday Bushfires, insurance companies struggled to deal with the immediate demand for claims. Assesors simply couldn't be in all places at once. Drones can be used to gather some preliminary data so that the victims of such events can get their claims processed faster.

A single drone operator has the potential to image several properties a day, speeding up the claims process. We can provide reference grade data for insurance claims and repair quotes, without leaving the ground.

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