Elevation Mapping

Want to find the best place to put a new dam?

We create high resolution Orthophotos from hundreds (or thousands) of individual photos flown over a set path by our drones. We then apply a technique called Photogrammetry to the Orthophoto to measure set points relative to one another, thus creating high elevation resolution models.

These models are available in a number of formats including:

Elevation models are great for visualising erosion, water runoffs, pooling areas, subtle depressions and flood prone areas.

If you'd like to accurately map your creek, or simply get a contour map of your property, we can get you the information you need quickly and affordably.

Note: We are not licensed surveyors, and cannot give absolute measurements. Our maps are for use as a guide only, and cannot be used for any legally sensitive purposes such as property titles.

Need an elevation map?

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