Property Mapping

Do you have an old aerial photo that needs updating?

Having accurate and up to date maps can be critical for effective farm planning. These were traditionally a single photo taken from a light aircraft, onto which were drawn things like paddock areas and boundaries. But now, drones are opening up new possibilities for farms which previously were unaffordable. Regular mapping can now be performed to check for changes to your property, and at a price that's sustainable.

Using a high-resolution visual camera attached to a drone, we don't just take a single photo of your property. We create an orthomosaic photo from hundreds (or even thousands) of single photos using specialist photo stitching software.

The end product is a super-high resolution image of your property, which can then be printed into any sized physical print you need. It can also be manipulated online to provide estimates of area and elevation.

Note: AT Aerial Services does not provide reference grade orthomosaic images. Any area or geospacial information provided is an estimate only.

Weed Mapping

Map weed spread quickly and accurately.

Erosion Monitoring

Keep a track of erosion on your property.

Pest Damage Mapping

Assess damage caused by pest animals on crops or pastures.

Property Reference

Create a high resolution map interactive map of your property.

Mapping capeweed spread for precision spraying

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