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Drone inspection services

Get high quality data on your assets with our affordable, safe, and fast drone asset inspection services.

Drone inspections are a cost effective way to survey a large number of assets, while keeping disruption to your customers or tenants to a minimum. Using high resolution digital sensors, we deliver images of your assets in incredible detail.

Put down your ladders and long lenses. Our drone asset inspections minimise risk to you and your staff, making hard to reach or hazardous assets viewable from a safe distance. Inspections can even be done from the roadside if required. Access hard to reach places and quickly obtain the data you need.

To minimise risk, disruption and cost to you and your business, give us a call today.

Farm and property mapping

Get a cost effective, high resolution digital map of your property with our drone mapping services.

Getting an up to date map of your property or farm used to be expensive and impractical. Our drone property mapping services make the job of mapping large areas simple and straightforward.

You’ll get a super high-resolution digital map of your property within days, and at a much lower cost that manned aircraft based methods. These maps are made up of hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of photos, stitched together into an “Orthophoto“.

Using GIS software, we can add in features like borders, fencelines, POIs and labels to make your map more useful. Our drone farm mapping services are perfect for farm and fenceline planning, erosion mapping, vegetation monitoring and asset management.

Update your old farm map with our drone mapping services. Give us a call today.

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Drone Services - Solar panel inspection

Drone photo and video

Rise above the competition and see your business or property from a new perspective with our drone photo and video services.

We’ll create stunning, smooth and stable video for your next big project with our drone video services. No jerky camera movements, no uneven horizons. Just the quality video you want, when you want it. We can handover raw footage to your editing team, or provide video editing and production services at an affordable price.

Stand out from the crowd get and noticed with our drone photography services. We help everyone, from small business owners and farmers to government departments, capture the aerial images they need. Are you building a new home, planting trees or planning paddocks? Our aerial photography services make observing and planning your land a breeze. With extensive work in the conservation and agriculture fields, we know exactly what you need to make informed decisions about your land.

We also offer commercial photography and video production services. Get in touch today to see how we can help you with your next drone photo/video project.

Thermal imaging

Control pests, monitor wildlife, find fires, conduct search and rescue and inspect assets with ease.

Using the latest thermal camera technology can make the impossible possible, saving countless man-hours and expense while significantly reducing risk.

Pest animals can be found quickly and easily using drone thermal imaging, saving hunters hours of searching. We work with your team to provide real-time data on the whereabouts of the target species, even at night.

Cost effective inspection of electrical assets like solar panels and power transmission infrastructure is simple with calibrated thermal imaging. Thermal imaging allows you to see hotspots caused by faults instantly and prevent potential future disaster.

Call us to see how our thermal drone imaging services can help your business or organisation

Drone Services - Drone thermal imaging camera pest deer spotting
Drone Services - DJI Drone Sales

DJI drone sales

We make choosing the right drone a breeze. Just tell us what you want to use it for, and we’ll recommend the right DJI drone for you.

Choosing which drone to buy can be overwhelming. There are so many sizes and shapes, and the technology moves so fast it’s hard to keep up. Even if you’re a complete novice, we’ll teach you to fly and be fully independent within a few hours.

As a DJI retailer, we can provide everything you need to be up and flying, including official spare parts and accessories.

If you’d like to own your own drone, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you get up and flying.

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